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Empowered // Supported // Cherished

Birth doesn’t have to be scary. We’ve strayed so far from our ancestral roots that we’ve been programmed to buy into the narrative that pregnancy and birth equate to pain, fear, blood & gore, worry, judgement, un-comfortability, weight gain or unsightly bodily changes that we need to “snap back” from. Birth IS and can be beautiful, ceremonial, transformative, empowering, mindful, spiritual and truly divine. Western medicine and traditional birth work can exist in cohesive partnership and your experience can be your own! Trusting in your body, trusting in your intuition and trusting in your ability to segue into parenthood with  the grace and peace that are inherent to who you are is more than possible.  

We’ll be here to lift you up as you carve YOUR path forward whether that be a hospital or home birth with a Doctor or Midwife. We’re here for YOU.

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Meet Amanda

Atlas Birth is owned and operated by Amanda Squires Gil. Amanda is a Birth Doula serving the Greater Seattle Area who specializes in culturally competent support for anyone who would appreciate advocacy, care, and some serious TLC throughout their birth experience.

Amanda has her BA in Human Services and Social Justice Dynamics from Western Washington University and her certificate in International Human Rights from The University of Pennsylvania Law School. She has completed her Birth Doula training with Carrie Kenner at Big Belly Doulas and her apprenticeship & Advanced Doula Training with Domino Kirke Co-Founder of NY and LA Carriage House Birth. Amanda has worked for years within large tech companies such as Amazon and Facebook and specializes in the healing and empowerment of women looking to re-enter the work force postpartum.


Meet Valerie

Valerie is a Birth Doula serving the greater Seattle Area who’s mission is to aide as well as guide expecting clients along their birth journeys through compassionate care, positivity, and empowerment! Valerie graduated from Central Connecticut State University with a BA in Tourism & Hospitality, has 10 years of experience in client care and has also completed her Birth Doula training with Carrie Kenner at Big Belly Services.

Val recently traveled to Cambodia to complete her Reiki I and II trainings and will now be offering these services in addition to her birth doula package.

(Val will be on hiatus until March 2020)



Meet Luisa

Luisa was born in Costa Rica, and she has been living in Seattle since 2017. Now, she is a birth doula serving the Greater Seattle Area. Because of her life as a mother of three wonderful kids, she really believes that each birth should be an empowering experience that everybody deserves. As a Latina bilingual doula and mother, she provides love, support, and compassion to encourage people to live their births as an empowering life-changing experience.

Luisa has a degree in Drama from the University of Costa Rica, where she worked as an actor and professor. She is a yoga certified instructor, a Bach Flower consultant, and has a minor in Art Therapy. After coming to this country, she realized that it can be a great opportunity to bring her knowledge and passion on to a new “stage”, so she completed her birth doula training with Carrie Kenner at Big Belly Services. Luisa is an active Doula through Swedish Medical Center. Additionally, Luisa offers the placenta encapsulation services.